Award winning author and poet, Jody Bresch, grew up in the Heartland, the oldest in a family of four girls. She and her husband, Mike, have been blessed with five sons, the first and last adopted, the middle three, natural born. Jody's had an eclectic collection of jobs from church janitor, to gas station manager, foster parent, freelance news reporter, music teacher, and general education teacher. Her first chapbook, POETRY PORTRAITS was a collection of published poems and short stories for her children and grandchildren. Her second chapbook, 'SLICE OF LIFE' POETRY, was inspired by a poem by Albia resident, Holly Schippers, titled "In The End." XANTHEA, is historic fiction, an adventure story about events leading up to the 1993 Flood in Ottumwa, IA. AUTUMN'S CHILD is a more in depth collection of Jody's poetry and covers many topics, touching on the soulful, the sensual, the spiritual, and the search for answers most of us make in our hearts. Her most recently published work, CHILD OF THE HEART, is a fictional romance set in Ottumwa, IA, Jody's home town. All of her books are availabe in paperback or an electronic version at Amazon.com. Thank you.  Jody Anne Bresch


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