A Beautiful Bathing Blight

Mother Nature rained an icy world all night,
Brittle and crackling with each Mother's sigh.
Hand blown masterpieces greet dawn sight
As Sun fire in the golden ice ignites.

Fragile frozen fans of ferns
Glitter glass bathed in Sunrise.
Delicate crystal works of art
Fan a frozen countryside.

A spidery swaying golden spray
Of shivery gleaming glassy ice
Becomes a beautiful bathing blight
On every plant and tree in sight.

The infant limbs of a Chinese elm
Shiver under their burden of ice,
Shedding broken limbs and twigs,
Glittering like falling startlight.

Bending heavy on their stems,
The bent and bowing evergreen mourn
Like beaten soldiers grieving
At a broken limb graveyard.