A golden molten melon like ripe honeydew
Shimmers on the moist emerald stalks.
A king's ransom of blinking brilliants
Twinkle like joyful tears
Left gently fallen
By a benevolent morning mist;
Lingering 'til molten gold
Joins it like a lover's union.
Caressing, cleansing, fertile,
A Spring ritual,
A sensual teasing dance,
Like a rich promise of more to come.
Abundance too overflowing,
But fragile as love.
Then shimmering,
Then fading to illusions;
Shimmering brilliants
Turned to steam
By hot, molten gold.

But brilliants were shimmering
In the moist emerald stalks,
Abundant as a king's ransom.

Fantasy diamonds.

Each dawn I hoard them to myself,
And am far richer
Than a king ever dreamed to be.

Love, Jody,

Printed in ***
William Penn College, 19**