Some would say it was caprice, a whim,
that lured me to a love affair with you,
a sudden impulse guided by romantic fancy.

However, they are unaware of the starvation,
the gnawing hunger deep in my soul,
the sudden fierce need that gripped me.

That within my aloof facade resided
a willful wanton who had this
unquenchable thirst to be touched, held,
to unloose the passion hidden inside.

Would I agree that it was irresponsible,
a sudden turn of mind, a vagary
that defied logic, reason?
Of course I would!

But it was also some kind of
miraculous serendipity, a sort of
unrestrained happiness that brought
an unaccustomed restlessness to my eyes.

As improbable as it may seem,
this one time, my daydream came to be.
Produced in my imagination,
you sprang to life, full-blown.

A creative, extravagant, rhythmic, perfection
of poetry and prose, desire and passion.
Yet still, a man whose sensitivity wrenched at me,
whose dry sense of humor enchanted me.

Relief rocketed through me as
I surrendered to irrational desire,
realized what I had been waiting for,
that yes, with you, I was meant to soar.

Call it what you want, caprice
or sudden whim, but this one time
I allowed myself to be guided
by fancy rather than reason.

Love, Jody