A blossoming cherry moon gibbous,
ethereal, delicious, blooms on the horizon.
Your tender caresses bloom inside of me,
as I spread open with desire, mindless
with pleasure you are giving me.

Courage comes in ebbs and flows,
like a tidal wave washes over tiny
marine life up on shore, then drags
them back out to sea. That is me
about this passion you arouse in me.

I think of Bathsheeba, bathing on a
rooftop for Davidís lusty eyes, and
wonder if she felt as I do now for you,
utterly feminine, desirable, wanton,
reckless with excitement and need.

I love you passionately, deeply,
desiring these sweet moments with
you above all other things, beset
with emotions, savoring our honeyed
intimacy in soft caressing shadows

flecked with rose-purple dust flitting
achingly, sweetly, like my obsession
with you, in union with the soft breeze.

Love, Jody