Come Night

Come night, inside the car,
we listen to soft swing tunes
as we crawl through the storm
'cross empty, shadowy moors.

Some delicious truth rides with us,
etches itself on the foggy,
frosty windows in soft benediction
to the night, to us.

Come play with whispering winds
you flirted, and I did.
Came also, of course,
to flirt with you.

Some forgotten reality greets us,
in the whispering winds turned storm,
an empty dark cottage,
a memory from our past.

Come inside, you entice,
as I struggle to hear
your soft whisper,
in the blue-wailing wind.

Some empty lies haunt you and I,
questions I asked you didn't answer inside truth.
Hollow lies they may have been,
but troubling lies they still stand.

Come back to it
those lies wind and twist through
the strands of our love, our life.
Then too, you hold my heart in your hands.

Some delicious shadowy reality
awaits us as your whispers
wrap around me, pull me
into your sweet seductive trap.

Love, Jody