The pulse of the universe
is a liquid surging
of particle bouncing off particle.

Behold that single motive
displayed in infinite
elaborate arrangements.

Hear the heartbeat of the galaxy
percolating off the sky's
boundless ocean of stars.

Hear the life throb of the solar system
in a surging
incoming, outgoing tide.

Witness the flow of a comet
flaring a friction glow,
its churning motion piercing night.

Feel the roiling rhythm
of the rolling river
druming against the rocking reeds.

See the rippling rhythm
of the stream trilling
against the pebbles on its beach.

Listen to the pounding tympani,
the vein's river percussing
eardrums with the particle beat.

Recall the dance of particle against particle
when the blossom
of procreation began flowering.

Know the simple motive
is the oneness of the life force
without, within each heart beat.

Love, Jody,

Written October 10, 1994