It's true, she has stars in her eyes,
and I apologize for the cliche.
They are silver foil ones she stole
from the shelf of my bookcase, three
of them, one on each temple, and one
on the inside corner of her right eye,
and she holds his hand, the light of
young love shining from her eyes
for this boy she screamed at three
weeks ago,'something stinks back
here, something smells like crap',
and he yelled at her, 'it's shit,
Elizabeth, S.H.I.T., shit what don't
you understand about that?' That glow
of joy, pride of ownership, transforms
her, as they swing hands down the hall,
my stolen stars glittering dimly beside
her luminous, gleaming brown eyes.

Love, Jody

First Place in Humorous Verse
Iowa State Convention
of the
League of American Pen Women, 2002