I invite you through
the brown silk curtain
of my hair to something
exciting, delicious, private.
You prance to me, Playfully
teasing, stirring to life warm
scents that nestle between
my thighs. Shedding your
shirt, you drop it to the floor
and stroke back the veil of
my hair, brushing it gently
from a cheek, flushed hot
pink with the heat of desire
simmering in me.

Pressing your lips to mine,
you taste my invitation, hot
and sweet, speaking in the
language of love, warm,
passionate, fulfilling, quite
like poetry. Long languid
moments, you woo me with
bulding want...need, letting
heat rise between us, 'til no
longer content with just the
touch of your lips, I press my
open mouth against yours,
tasting your essence while
I arch against you.

hard against you, I knead
your shoulders...the muscled
length of your back, catching
my breath when I feel your
stealthy stroke touch bare
flesh beneath my short satin
slip, pulling me tight against
the hard ridge of your arousal
throbbing against the soft
mound of my belly. Mimicking
it's urgent dance, your tongue
darts between my wet lips,
tasting, diving.

Caught up in the heat of the
moment,I purr softly with
keen desire, arching in that
ageless feline gesture that
presses the warm mounds
of my aching breasts against
your muscled chest, mate my
tongue with yours in a probing
discovery that provokes a hot
moan in your throat, a moan
I feel to my curled toes. My
knees sag in weak submission
to the hot desire melting me.

I tumble back on the black
satin sheets, literally fall in a
boneless heap at your knees,
aching with the need that only
you can meet when you sink
into me with passion, passion
that pierces beyond the warm
invitation of my wet welcome,
passion that pierces to the very
white light core of me, and I
feel the birth of you born in me
as two who become one, as two
create an epiphany.

Love, Jody