It would seem I can't
shut you out of my dreams
as I try to shut you out
of my waking hours.

Our relationship lies
around me in shambles,
but I awake, bathed in
the glowing knowledge that
you cherish, revere me.

Then in the harsh
reality of dawn,
I remember it's
only a dream.

In my waking moments
I recite a litany of all
my reasons to hate you,
a litany meant to
cement my resolve

That I will never be
the object of your snide
and anger again,

Never be left pining
for your attention
and affection again
while you pour neglect
or contempt on my soul.

Yet, in my dreams
we become everything
I long for us to be,
warm, intimate, happy.

It makes me long
to take a pill
that will let me
sleep forever.

Love, Jody