Feels My Tears

Early morning clouds, like a golden fire,
a warm cozy light, swirl like soft wispy smoke,
like dreams so surreal and untouchable
they glow with fiery passion inside us.

‘Did you ask too many questions?’ I wonder.
I pause to consider. ‘Did I give too many answers?’
For I trusted you with all my layers...it felt like
a cool drink of water from a deep well,
as if we captured all earthly treasures.

Rain hidden in touches of celestial fire
makes an unholy matrimony with our dream
as it trickles onto a landscape asparkle with dew,
capturing its dazzling treasure in a gray pall of gloom.

“Feel my tears?” I plead, and after a pregnant pause
you whisper, “Yes, I can practically taste them.”
“Can you feel the pain wrung from my heart?” I sob,
but you are gone, vanished like the golden dawn,
and in that instant I fear my rainy day has come.

Love, Jody