George Washington Stivers Family History: A Family Legacy Cont.

(Photo is of William Leonard Stivers, my great grandfather on my mother's side.)

Stivers Geneology

George Washington Stivers married Sydney J. Morgan Octobert 12th, 1854.

They were the parents of:

Edward M. Stivers, b. Aug. 21st, 1855.

Andrew J. Stivers, b. July 27th, 1857.

Twins, John and James Stivers, b. Feb. 17th, 1859. James died Oct. 18th, 1859.

Marthey Elen Stivers, B. Oct. 11th, 1861. Marthey married A. Standley.

Thomas J. Stivers, b. April 18th, 1863.

William L. Stivers, b. June 10th, 1865.

Miley J. Stivers, b. Sept. 9th, 1867.

George Ann Stivers, b. Nov. 10th, 1869, d. September 24th, 1873.

Nancy Elen Stivers, b. April 3rd, 1874, d. Sept. 10th, 1876.

George Washington Stivers, b. Mar. 2, 1877.

Florence May Stivers, b. (No Date), d. Sept. 11th, 1890.

August Stivers, b. 1883, d. (No Date).

My grandmother, Pansy, had written in her family Bible, Aunt Jane's Children, so Jane Stivers, in some way, was considered an aunt. Jane Stivers married William Rogers (Joe's Folks) b, (****), d. Jan. 2nd, 1872. Then she Married Dee Griswold. While this information for Jane Stivers's marriages is included on the handwritten document I have, it is difficult to understand how she fits into the family chronology since her birth date was not given as one of the children of George Washington Stivers and Sydney J. Morgan.

Aunt Jane's Children:

William Rogers (b. 2-02-1891), Joseph Rogers (b. 2-27-1884), Benjamin Rogers (b. 2-24-1887), William Rogers (b. 2-07-1889), and Matilda Elizabeth Giswould (b. 12-10-1890).

William Leonard Stivers (b. 6-10-1865 and d. 3-16-1934) married Georgia Ann Phillips (b. 12-10-1870 and d. 5-18-1913) on July 2, 1892. They were the parents of the following children:

John Washington Stivers(b. 4-29-1894, d. 11-7-1949).

William Robert Stivers (b. 9-22-1896, d. 11-30-1918).

Viola Myrtel Stivers (b. 6-18-1901, d. 4-01-1956).

Artey Manuel Stivers (b. 12-10-1903, d. in 1903).

Pansy Minerva Ann Stivers (b. 4-19-1905, d. 5-14-1972).

August Franklin Stivers (v. 9-01-1907, d. 10-16-1962).

Charley Austin Stivers (b. 5-03-1911, d. 9-22-1913).

Lilley May Stivers (b. 5-3-1913, d. 9-3-1913).

*In that same family Bible were listed the following deaths:

James Stivers (d. 2-17-1859) (who was one of the twins), Georgia Ann Stivers, (d. 9-24-1873), (this Georgia Ann was a daughter of George Washington Stivers and Sydney Morgan), Nancy Elen (9010, 1876), Florence May (d. 9-10-1890), and Martha Elen Stivers (d. April (No year)

Both my mother, Helen, and my grandmother, Pansy, told me a story about Georgia Ann Phillips Stiver's death. I know that the family had arrived in Yarrow, MO in a covered wagon, and settled there for a short time. While they were there a typhoid fever epidemic occured in the community. Georgia Ann and her baby, Lilley, both died of typhoid fever, for certain. My mom said a 17 year old brother, however, was hired out on a farm where he jumped out of a hay loft onto a hay stack and was run through with a pitchfork he didn't see. This would have had to be William Robert Stivers. And perhaps Charley Austin Stivers also died of the typhoid fever epidemic because he would have been a toddler at the time, and his death occured shortly after Lilley's. We do not know where they were buried.

My mother also said that George Washington Stivers was a full-blooded Indian, and that he, at some time during his marriage to Sydney Morgan, walked off and deserted her and the children. Sydney met and married a man named Tate, and the children thought well-enough of this man that they took his last name. She said she doesn't know when they started going by the last name Stivers again, but that at some point George Washington Stivers did stop back by the house, and stayed over night at the house, renewing his acquaintance with his children.

Another story she told me just last evening that I had never heard before was that at some point William Leonard was aboard a ship that wrecked and was washed ashore where survivors of the ship wreck took care of him. She said he was a toddler at the time.

John Stivers married Ella Beard, but I have no date for this union. John Stivers must be referring to the surviving twin who was born Feb. 17ty, 1859. They were the parents of:

Bessie Stivers married John Harris. They had 5 children.

Bennie Stivers married Nievel Harris. They had 1 son.

Sherman Stivers married Bertha Murrey who died, and then he married Leli Reeves. They were parents of 2 girls, Ailene and Ine.

Ella Jane Stivers married Albert Mosse. It looks like they had three sons, Garold who died, Earl, who died, and Harold, who married Marie Jones. They had 1 son, John.

Minnie Stivers married William Black. They were the parents of 7 girls: Mary Ellen Black, who died, Betty Black, who married Robert Cabbage and bore him 4 children, 3 girls and 1 son, Grace Black, who married Chas Jackson and bore him 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls (for some reason the word small is written after this entry), Ruth Black, who married Ben Houser, and bore him 2 girls, Leony Tessa House being one of those girls who married Bill Davis, (either that or it means one girl was named Leony and the other was Tessa, and Tessa married Bill Davis), Mable Black who married Carl Ellison, and bore him no children, Ethel Black, who married Keith Houser and bore him 4 children, 2 girls, 1 son and new baby (?), and Cynthia Black who married Robert Owens, and who bore him no children.

John William married Faye Swaim and they had 1 son. (This is confusing about who he is descended from, but he is listed under Minnie Stivers and William Black on this handwritten document.) Their son was Billy Wayne. Billy had 3 children, 2 girls, and 1 son.

Flossie married William Veatch. They were parents of 2 girls and 2 boys, Marvin Veatch, Rozella Hoffman, Malretta White, and Raymond Veatch.