II Golthlay, The Man

Golthlay became 'Child of Water,'
an apache who trains for war.
Learning how to plan ahead, he
hid by day, and moved at day's end.

Finding a supply of water
in arrid, unforgiving land
taught warrior rules of survival
to this stealthy, cunning young man.

Four successful expeditions,
won with courage, behind him,
he became an Apache warrior
with rights of a man among men.

He paid many hard won ponies
for a long loved Apache maid.
At seventeen warrior Golthlay
took Alope to his tipi.

In three years three babies were born.
Golthlay and Alope felt blessed.
Then in Mexico, his aged mother,
young wife and three children were slain.

He burned Alope's hide paintings,
the little ones' tiny playthings,
his mother's skin tipi, all things
that were left of who he had been.

When he had no purpose left, when
he had lost all that life had meant,
his hatred for the Mexicans
flamed higher than the fallen 'Star'.

Love, Jody