Maybe he's not the messiah.
Okay, he's not the messiah,
but we don't need no messiah,
we just need a good man.

An honest man,
a caring man,
a man with convictions,
and a well-rounded soul.

This shunning each other,
this color line that's ugly,
that makes men feel less than men.
We've put up with it too long.

Someone stepped 'cross it long ago,
a president,
and then someone else,
a woman on a bus.

Then Glory Hallelujah,
a minister crossed that line
with non-violent sedition,
and love for his fellow man.

And still it stood,
that worm, that virus,
that lodged in our throats
where tears are formed.

Churches burned while we sang,
"We shall overcome."
Children died while we sang,
He's got the whole world in his hand."

C.O.R.E workers were murdered,
caused a spiritual revolution,
while we sang, "It's me, it's me it's me,
oh Lord, standin' in the need of prayer."

Where is love
if God's children are
hungry, hurt?

Love is in
our capacity
to change that.
And we can.

Maybe he's not the messiah,
Okay, he's not the messiah,
but we don't need no messiah.
We just need a good man.

And change is acomin'!
Hope is back!
We're inspired.
We're dreamin' again.

We sparkle a little.
We shine a little.
We even lift up our arms
and shout a little.

Okay, he's just a man,
but he's our man.
The people's man.
With courage and humility,

He knows that.

Love, Jody,