Some of us are lonely
and some of us are found
some are way too raucous
some never make a sound.

Some like me are cautious
some just flirt away
some have hopes and wishes
some donít even play.

My hopes of you are many
like the sands upon the beach
I want to learn love from you
and I in turn to teach.

I hope you find it in you
to deeply care for me
I hope my feelings for you
donít make you want to flee.

I hope you know Iím sweating
to find the words to say
that all this hope is vested
and currently on display.

Your hopes are probably many
and now tangled up in me
your hopes of what you know
and what you can foresee.

Hopes are funny feelings
tied to fondest dreams
sometimes they do come true
but some just float downstream.

But hope is what keeps us going
wanting more, without knowing
and my hopes of you are growing
were they true, I would be glowing.

Tell me, your hopes of me.

Love, Rick


What do I hope for?

I hope that you
will cast caution to the wind,
that you will let
nothing stand between us,
that you will choose
love over all other things.

I hope you meant it
when you said
Ďwhere the brain and heart go,
the rest will follow,í
and that you would
never say Ďnoí to me again.

To draw breath is to need
deeds to do, someone to love,
something to hope for.
If hope is desire with
expectation of fulfillment,
then drawing breath is needing you.

Whatever our future holds,
I hope you wonít come to hate me,
to think of me in negative ways.
If happiness is a choice,
I hope we both choose
to offer the effort happiness needs

While itís true some hopes
just float downstream,
we are so tenuously bound to hope,
I desire to grasp hold of us,
hunger for consummation of this love,
fear to even contemplate less for it, for us.

Love, Jody