In Memory of Shawn

Behold, unblemished perfection,
All it needs is a tiny breath
That appears to hover ever eminent,
But fails to happen.

Dimpled chubby fists curl gently
As if to grasp a finger
Resting lightly on the satin bed
Set now for the millennium.

Brown cornsilk hair
Caresses a plump cherub face
Already bound for eternity
On the sea of hundreds of penitent pleas.

Dusky fans of flared lashes
Brush this sleeping innocent
As the sable brush of a master artist
Brings the touch of genius to his masterpiece.

Yet, beyond this visible perfection,
Perfection missed the exquisite opportunity.
Each tiny breath
Labored horrendously.

Behold peace,
A miracle of peace prayed for,
Not the peace sought,
But a more perfect peace instead.

Love, Jody