Family Short Stories
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Family Short Stories

Putting a Personal Face on Cancer
Two Survivor Stories - Part I

Putting a Personal Face on Cancer
Part 2

Putting a Personal Face on Cancer
Tea for Two In Conclusion

Advocating for Your Loved Ones Who Are Patients

Alcoa's Eagle Cam Had Good News This Morning

An April Fool's Day Prank That Kept on Giving

Angel Food-Banana Trifle
How to with Pictures

Autumn - Ottumwa, IA - 2011
(*New Slideshow)

Bald Eagles
Ottumwa Watch

The Bark Park
Ottumwa, IA

Beauty in Spring Fog

Christmas At Grandma Helen's

Christmas in the Heartland

The 'Cabin Fever' Effect

The Challenges of Painting a Wall Plaid

Christ's Church - 2011
Children's Musical

Coffee Filter Flower Garden
Craft Project

Dad was Part of the Last Major Confrontation Between Japanese and U.S. Forces in WWII

The Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Day Dance

About Diane Frank's Latest Poetry Collection, "Swan Light"

Early Morning Spring Break 1988, I was On My Way to the Hospital

Easter - There is Reason For Hope

The First Ottumwa Snow - Haiku

Frequent Flyer Christmas Card

Dad-Son Valentine Cookies

Dream Walkers

Girls' Night Out

The Gospel According to Bresch
Villanelle - (Poetry)

Grass and Sponge Chia Pet House

From Heartache to Victory

Heartland Valentine's Day Get-Aways
South Central IA
Bed & Breakfasts

Heir to Pat's Wealth

Hoar Frost
(*New Poetry)

A Hike in the Woods With My Camera

Historic Mars Hill Log Cabin Church

Historic Mars Hill Log Cabin Church

Historic Ottumwa Cemetery - 1857

Homemade Valetine's Day Cards from the Heart

How My Dog Adopted Me

Ice Storm Chaos
On Missouri Highway

In 1955 a Polio Epidemic
Was Sweeping the Nation

In March of 2004 I Was Losing My Personal Battle With Depression

The Last Wagon Train West

Lost Moments

McNeil Stone Mansion
Bed and Breakfast
Oskaloosa, IA

My Four Year Old Valentine
Needed Cancer Treatment

October Sigh
Poetry and Photos

Organ Donation Has a Timeline
Kayte Mosher Planned to Pass it Forward

Parenting New Year's Resolutions
(From an experienced parent)

Only With the Passage of Time
Is This Valentine's Day Memory Funny

Our '64 Cutlass Supreme

Paranormal Activity at St. Joseph Hospital - Ottumwa, IA The Perfect Afternoon for Sledding
Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012

Poetry's Truth
A Villanelle

A Protester's Song - Sestina

Spun Sugar

Reigning Princes of Egypt
(Science Fiction)

Resurrecting Memories

Trumpet Lillies
A Poem

Living With Hunter's Gluten Sensitivity

RAGBRAI 2012 in Northern Iowa

Robert W. Williams
"Red Tails"
Tuskegee Airmen

Surviving the Recession Shopping Thrift Shops

Reverend Callen's Soliloquy
A Poem and Thoughts

Ronald McDonald Playground

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Art

Rose McGrew
Ivory Winston
Margaret White Stoltz

Salvation Begins With a Seed

Showdown at Sol de Oro

Stop, Drop and Roll - My Kindergartner Remembered It!

Strategies to Help Balance the Budget in Hard Times

Things a Broken Hinge Means to Me
(Poetry & Article)

To My Fantastic Dad, Who Deserves a Gold Medal or Gold Star

Valentine Moon - I - Poem

Valentine Moon - II - Poem

Valentine Moon - III - Poetry

Water Witch
Science Fiction
Dedicated to my dear friend, Bondeena

A Winter Moon (Poetry)

A Winter Moon II - Sestina
(Poetry & Article)
Tribute to Kayte Mosher

News Articles

Tom Arnold Says A Million Bucks
Couldn't Build a Canteen Lunch in the Alley

Taking On the Government

Taking On the Government
Part I

Taking On the Government
Part II

Taking On the Government
Part IV

Taking On the Government
In Conclusion

Photos: A Blizzard with Its Own Name

Alpine Snowfall - Iowa
Ottumwa IA

Review of the Appanoose Rapids Brewery
Ottumwa IA

Be Safe, Not Sorry! Check for Trapped Lint
in Your Dryer Hose!

Children and Prayer: My Sons Cancer Story

Cloud Atlas Delivers

Don't Miss "Jack, the Giant Slayer"

Even in the Mid-West Where We're Used to Braving the Elements

The Holidays Herald Some Hobbit Magic!

The Heartland Humane Society Needed a Foster Home

I Watched Martin Luther King Jr.'s
"I Have a Dream Speech,"
In Front of My Living-Room TV

I Wish We'd Bought that Adventureland Stock

Iconic Country Music of the Twentieth Century

Iowa's Celebrity Eagle, Liberty,
is Sitting on Her First Two Eggs

"In Ottumwa Montessori Until Recently
Meant the Big Red Door

Incumbent Barack Obama Slam Dunked Wapello County, Iowa

Learning Iowa Hospitals' Levels of Care
from Inside Our Crisis

Memorial Garden
to My Son's Independence Day!

Male Ritual of Passing the Barbecue Tongs

My Whole Kindergarten Class
Seemed to Be Coming Down with Strep Throat

Our Cellulitis Nightmare

"Oz, the Great and Powerful" Lived Up to Its Hype!

Nuances in Art of the American Southwest

Preserving Family Traditions

Refinishing that Well-Loved But
Time-Battered Dining Room Table

Southcentral Iowa Received 8 1/2 Inches of Rain
in 24 Hours

Reviewing Dave Early's Book

Tim McVey Reclaims The Nibbler World Record

That Moment when a Patient and Physician
Emotionally Connect

Easter Brunch at Riverside Restaurant - Ottumwa, IA

Elizabeth Bolinger's Dance Moves
Make Gaming History

Reaping the Healthy Benefits of Iowa's
Bountiful Summer Harvest

Retirement Success Means Different Things
to Different People

Robert W. Williams-"Red Tails"
Tuskagee Airmen

Signs of Christmas

Surviving Grief Through the Holidays

When Life Circumstances Ask Us to Be a Hero

Writing the Children's Adventure Story

Michelle Bachman's 'Meet and Greet'
Ottumwa, IA - Dec. 2011
(Slideshow & Article)

Bachman Makes an Impression
on Ottumwa, IA Voters

One Voter's Take on Newt Gingrich's
'Remain Postive' Message in Iowa - 2011

Ottumwa Skateboard Park

Presidential Candidate, Rick Perry at Khuly's
Ottumwa, IA - Dec. 2011
(Slideshow & Article)

Gov. Rick Perry Courts Voters at Khuly's in Ottumwa IA
Dec. 2011 - Slideshow

Historic Khuly's Bar & Grill
Ottumwa IA
Dec. 21, 2011 - Slideshow

Iowa's 2012 Santorum Surprise

Santorum Surprise - Ottumwa, IA
GOP Caucus

What's Wrong With Santorum's
Health Care for Profit Plan?

Uncle Buck's Bar and Grill, Ottumwa, IA

Where to Watch the Super Bowl
in Ottumwa, IA

Where to Watch the Super Bowl
in Ottumwa, IA