By Jody

With the first tentative brush
of your lips my treacherous mouth
quivers. Nibbling at my lip, you make
promises with your tongue. We explore
this ancient language of love, like velvet,
soft and yielding, awaken something dark
and primitive, someplace at a gut deep
level where the spiritual and the worldly
blend in a potent mix of breathless
power, shattering heat, and something
gentle, touching and sweet, where
kissing feels like poetry, passionate,
romantic, fulfilling.

By Rick

Yes, your mouth is treacherous, I get
so lost there. Your soft pouting lips,
encouraging mine and my teeth. My
ceaseless, probing tongue, wrestling,
wet, wonderful. Yes this ancient art,
teaches spirituality, but it's earthy in its
desires. Our kisses are an evolving
signature of how deeply we touch each
other's hearts, the very personification
of the hot passion within us. Romance
does reside in the nature of kissing, and
ours are pure poetic license.