By Jody

Any woman can tell you, there are kisses.
And then there are KISSES. The first being chaste,
the kind your mother or best friend gives you,
or the kind you get from a loser on a first and only date.
But then there is the kiss that tempts, entices, seduces,
wet and hungry, greedy with desires. This kiss
causes your mouth to bloom like flower petal
opening to the sunís silken caress, to purse into
a soft and pouting beau of provocation. This kiss
beguiles, invites, wheedles, begs you to become
more than you are, to become one with another.

By Rick

It wasnít some ordinary, everyday, pedestrian kiss.
No, it was the kind of kiss that melted time as it
melded lips. The kind that rolled romance, and
passion, and supreme naughtiness into one wet
ball and sprinkled charm and wit and deliciousness
over itself. It was the kind of kiss that not only
made one weak in the knees, but strong with
desire. It was a kiss that registered on the Richter
scale, causing heart-quakes that undulated over
the peaks and valleys of pure ardor. A kiss that
was the very epitome of arousal.