Love Unrequitted

Oh my sweet torment,
he who spoke of agony and ecstasy,
he must have been thinking of me.
For deep in his heart, surely it was
unrequitted love he spoke of,
that hope that springs from
a simple phrase, 'good-bye
Beautiful!' to the despair that
silence after making love imbues.

Oh my sweet comfort,
you my solace who succors
the beating of my heart to
some life giving tune, who
eases my loneliness, and
fills the hollow places of my life
with the power of your sweet
words, who just by your mere
presence transforms my existence.

Oh my sweet contradiction,
who can lift me to mountain
highs with a poet scoundrel's
eloquent phrases, or reduce
me to the depths of hell with
a cautious man's howling
silence, silence bred in the
moment when my grieving
heart moans can be heard.

Oh my sweet brat,
don't lets harsh words and hard feelings
come between two who love as we do,
don't let them create chasms and breaches
in the fortress of love we've forged,
a fortress that was built
of our own beautiful love words,
word that were a poet's matrimony for us.

Oh my sweet love,
you who were an answer to my prayers,
don't let anger come between us.
Pull me close in your forgiving arms.
Just listen to our heartbeats,
the loving tunes they croon.
We are much more
than the sum total
of any hurtful things we've said.

Oh my sweet poet,
you who I fell in love with
because of the generosity
of your giving spirit, your humanity,
your compassion and humility,
your empathy and kindness,
your justice and strong passions.
Sweet poet, this is who I see
when I've been blessed to see your heart.

Love, Jody