Moonlit Lake

We hope for something that makes us shiver, like a
soft kiss on a still summer night by the lake makes
the hairs on the back of the neck stand up, something
sweet and wild, a little bit tumultuous and unruly.

In a field full of the aroma of seduction wafting past
tempted palates, holding hands, we walk through
waist high grass to a place under the willow tree
where there is a bed of freshly fallen autumn leaves.

My heart is a pillow for your head to rest upon.
Your hair is redolent with shampoo, and that special
scent that is you. I hear the gentle sound of your
heart beating as you grow with desire, passion.

My curled fingers trail along the back of your
neck, embrace you there, trail under your collar to
the dark shadow beneath, and it is powerful, heady,
to feel you tremble beneath my tender warm caress.

The stars,like diamonds on black velvet, a lover's
moon ringed in mist, pierced by wafer thin clouds.
And beneath them, the night blooms with the
fragrance of our synergy, warm, sweet, sultry.

My lips brush your hair. I turn to taste your lips with
mine, and we catch each other in a deep kiss, a kiss
as tender as a sigh, as sweet as country cream on ripe
wild strawberries, rich with promise, like a good book.

A story that has me waiting with excitement for the next page.
I did not know when I met you that you would be
my story book. Yet, you are - a tempting mystery,
real, enticing, seductive, alluring, delicious...

Love, Jody