My Sweet Comfort

A tattered plastic canopy sways
in bitter gusts outside the Hennepin cafe,
dangling precariously in the stiff breeze.

I lift up my eyes to the bitter gusts,
and there you stand, holding my hand,
building castles in my storm,

We stroll down the Ave., sloshing through
puddles with cold feet in damp shoes,
raindrops snaking down our necks.

You Love, are you one sure thing
in the hazy blue uncertainties of my life,
burning away the fog of my fears with hot hope.

Simple laughter swells from your chest,
crinkling the corners of your brown eyes,
as I slip a soggy sweatshirt over my head.

You warm me through and through.
your every smile a calm assurance,
soothing those things that scare me.

Strangers offer random greetings
as we take a seat, shake out
faded blue napkins across our knees...

Sip warm drinks from chunky ceramic mugs,
stab our forks into tasty morsels
of coconut cream pie, fluffy and deep.

There is something steadfast about knowing
you’re here for me...when I feel myself sway.
You, a stalwart anchor in my storm..

Through the evening’s dreary chill,
gales crashing waves against rocks on the beach,
drippy raindrops drizzling down windowpanes

Delicious warmth spreads through me,
hot with desire, fragrant with the sweet essence of you,
wrapping around me like a silk cocoon.

Love, Jody