Night Ride

By Jody

Wind set in motion by the passing of my bike
cools and caresses, almost chills, as soft whispers
shiver moist skin you sometimes touch with gentle
fingers, sometimes kiss, when you lift damp hair
from the nape of my neck.

To the man on the dock with his line dipped in an
inky black lagoon, shimmering in soft yellow street
light, I seem a solo, embarked on a solitary night ride.
If only he knew a duet soars between us as, half a
land away on a similar shore, you too ride the night,
in thought and mind, gliding by my side.

We soak in night’s beauty under a shared sky,
rife with the miracles of the universe, a Milky Way
misty highway of stars, Polaris, the polar star who’s
mapped sojourns of wanderers for infinite clusters of
time, majestic Sirius -- Canis Majoris, and Orion
to the South, a beacon to my heart.

Adrenaline zings and tingles through rushing veins
just under wet glowing skin, flushed with the memory
of your words, “ I need to taste, to inhale the hot,
wet scent of kneel at your altar and sip
the sweet essence of you like a fragrant drink.”

Distance between us becomes minute, my sweet comfort.
For a moment that is precious to me I seem to catch a
fragrant masculine aroma on the night’s gentle breeze,
the scent of fresh soap, tangy pine aftershave and the
warm redolence that is you.

The Distance

By Rick

Whispered longings
an October night
when the distance 'tween us
becomes a woeful plight

Oh the swirling cycles
some days seem heaven sent
then the season changes
and the air is rent with lament

Perhaps you think I know not your sorrow
perhaps it's some inner fear
but my empathy and sweet sympathy
just two of many things I hold dear

For I also feel the longings
I feel you in heart and soul
but a dreary night's no consolation
when one needs a touch to know

But even from there you touch me
with the spirit of your dulcet voice
and even such bitter longings
I see as a reason to rejoice

So cry not my darling soulmate
lift up those gorgeous eyes
hold me with a simple whisper
'fore the autumn dawn draws nigh.