October Sigh

This evening's autumn sunset would taunt
Rembrandt to pick up brush and pallette,
to lust with blatant creative genius
to capture this moment for posterity.

Mere poet that I am, I long for words
to do it justice, brush and palette of
my meager repertoire. For I long to capture
this moment and share it with you.

An amber gold light gilds tufted horizons
strewn with a kaleidoscope of jewel-toned
panorama, the crimson of garnets, flashing fire,
honey dipped trees the exact shade of citrines.

Even dowdy brown spinsters of the forest
are transformed by surreal light into
smoky quartz beauties, blazing with sunfire
in those last sumptuous moments before dusk.

Those that glow like sunstones, moonstones,
their opulent orange incandescence setting
the hillsides ablaze, those are the ones that
delight my eyes the way you thrill my heart.

Love, Jody