Passions I


             Jody's   Rick's
passion's mindless ardor passions colored red
unrelentless laying in shadow
lips melding, candlelit
fire burning moving
hot in blood kisses, hot, hungry
zinging with your lips
rash desire compliment me
passion's sweet aroma passions smelling of desire
marking your wet lips, rampant, wet
stirring us stirred in conjunction
to hunger with pure heat
for greedy, my tongue
dizzying bathing your lips
pinnacles in time
passion's sweet caress, passions wanton and fresh
soothing tender touches, holy
tart provocations, sensual
honeyed probings, languidly lapping luxurious
'til love's soaring
sweet petals heavenward
bloom we climax
passion's drifting decent, passion's dwindling caress
gentle, euphoric, motionless
soft moments of
sated union dreamy thinking
where two afterglow
become sharing bed
one, Love. and love