Passions II


             Jody's   Rick's
Fingers curl into me Swirling shadows
licking flames of desire, hearts aflame
burning boundaries roaming fingers
of honeyed ardor. no sense of shame
Lips mold mine, Lips aquiver
lush, tasty, delicious, heartbeats race
intimating fiery promise nipples hardened
of thrills to come. as tonguetips trace
Excitement trembles, Passionís found us
twists and eddys, has made us dear
surging between us and at this moment
in tremors of pleasure. we explore frontiers
Nipples harden, Lusciously wet
pebbled peaks of passion, and succulently sweet
wild strawberries without you here
of luscious piquancy,font> Iíd not be complete
Eagerness burns, So we share sweet passions
a fiery fever blazing and we share this love
to life. We quake and both with words and deeds
tremble in its hot glow. we shall speak thereof