Indifferent prayers are spoken
with such hard lips. Those lips,
they that have not good intent,
desire control, with evil words
meant simply as plots that play
with mind and fact like pawns.

Iíd listened to cynical voices rife
with rebuke through a lifetime of
abuse, from embittered masses
to friends who became foes, to
one who claimed with cold disdain
to love me, and then there was you.

Night did fall with one soft kiss
between us, simply meant to end
the night, but leading to another,
and then to one more, Ďtil those
kisses became one silky desire
such as few have ever known.

Stars trail across the nightís sky,
plotting some immortalís plan of
lifeís lofty stage and mortal design.
These astral charts seem of mighty
consequence, a map of our destiny
if I let myself believe it, but I choose...

You. We become two who truly
love, genuinely desire each other,
a work of art, that passion soaring
between us turning us into something
much more than we are without it.
Love becomes our sustenance.

A tiny part of me hates him, the one
who, with venom in his heart, robbed
me of my self-esteem , but not
enough for me to let it ruin my day
or week, or the way that you make
me feel about myself, about us.

I pause to listen, to ponder,
when fateís bitter passions
humble the mindís thoughts,
chortle something fetid, foul,
declare scabrous discourse
against godís transcendance.

Yet, you speak of a god of
choices, one who offers free
will, and remind me that I
may choose, that haughty,
dominating words no longer
have the power to own me.

You calm my strife, my love,
empower, feed me. Your lips
turn hot with need, delicious,
greedy, steamy. Stars or gods,
Let it be known, I choose to let
my dreams of us sustain me.

Love, Jody