We squatted in the strawberry vines,
two little girls, fingers, lips stained red
as we filled our bowls and mouths with
flushed plump fruit, rouged with sunshine,
All morning, and then all afternoon,
until we were so sated on their sweetness
we feasted on only the largest, brightest red,
most perfect morsels, and still we ate.
Beneath our straw hats, our noses, our arms
turned sunshine warm, until our skin stung,
until swarmy black gnats, avid mosquitoes
feasted on our sweaty little arms and legs.
Daddy fetched us both a cup of cold water
from the pump on the well, let us splash
it on our faces, on the backs of our necks,
on our stingy arms and legs - sweet relief.
We drank our supper, cold glasses of milk
because we were gorged on nature’s bounty,
too tired to do anything but wash the ruby
redness from our hands, our feet, then sleep.

Love, Jody