Sweet Contradiction

Sweet as taffy
and twice as tough,
dented by the fierce teeth of life,
but never broken,
she is tender enough
to mother a nest
of orphaned squirrels,
but gritty enough to bag supper
with a 12 gauge shot gun.

Melt in your mouth
delicious desires,
soft as cotton candy,
simmer beneath
her baby powder fragrance
and warm aromas of baking bread,
yet she manages
a household account
with a Dobermanís
savage tenacity.

This fragile crystal
figurine called woman
discovers her cherished baby
is a benign four pound tumor
and the weight
of her warmth and caring
reduces her to mush
as she folds beneath this mountain.

In grief, she curls
into the warm cocoon
of the sun-dried quilt on her bed.

Love, Jody,