You, my white knight,
color my life with the
Opulent abundance of your
many and varied passions.
Unabashedly you flirt with me,
and unbidden I discover I am

Attracted to your amorous
intentions when you
Reach into my lonely places
with your wide-mouthed laughter.
Enticing me with the twinkle
in your eye, with your

Merry mirth, you woo me beneath
the moon's silver curves, and I
Yearn for a greedy feast of you,
rich with the poetry of your words,

Savored enchantment, seductive
with your eloquent
Whispers, phrases of lilting desire,
succulent, pulsing sharp with hot need.
Electric excitement tingles
the nerves up my spine.
Emerges in an exquisite moment
delicious as your touch, and I
Treasure the truth of this discerning
moment, a moment when I know
I love you.

Tempting it is to hurl myself
headlong into this delightful
Excitement, compelling, overwhelming,
and surrender whole-heartedly to this
Magnetic attraction between us,
its allure as enticing as moth to flame.
Powerful as this persuasive force is
I search for will to resist you.
Teasing, taunting, provoking, probing
the weak spots in my defenses, your
Allure arouses a response in me
so urgent with driving need
Temptation hangs heavy between us,
my protests token resistance as your
Intoxicating invitation storms the
crumbling walls of my defenses, and I
Open like blossom to bee
as you mark me as your own.
Naked need soaring between us,
wanton, rampant, delicious, fragrant.

Love, Jody