Love, Jody


Whether with lyre or harp,
your odes and tunes do woo me,
my precious, sweet troubadour.
Their emotional caress
soothes my subliminal soul.

Their lyrical melodies,
glorious poems to grand loves,
my dear poetic scoundrel,
seduce my mind and spirit,
spark hunger, lust, desire.

Your idealized words shimmer
with elegant expression,
my impudent strolling minstrel,
in cite my longings, cravings
with honeyed, throbbing intent.

Exuberant in your zest for life,
your extraordinary appetites,
my gallant white knight,
whet mine--greedy, voracious urges
speak to me in flaming possession.

With perfect romantic verse,
splendid in its simplicity,
you, my sweet breath of life,
sing to me of epic love,
and I surrender to your poetic advances.