I gaze into a sea the color
of your eyes, dusky brown,
reflecting the towering bank
of majestic dark clouds,

Hear the emergence of
a single chord turned melody,
a heart's longing murmur
outpouring in sea symphony,

Watch soft winds turn wild.
Delicious dualities roaring like those
that clamor in my heart, for I've
found love both binding and free.

I've known captivity in the
silken caress of your hand,
yet caught glimpse of the wide
vista of freedom you offer me.

A vista as majestic as the sky
left radiant after the storm.
Tempests shadow my life, but
you shine golden, my ray of hope.

Raindrops bow low before us,
sun-kissed, embracing each
blade of grass until, found by
hot rays of heat, they vanish.

But touched by your heat,
I expand, pulse with desire.
As long as I can be with you,
eternity will not be long enough.

Soft winds, like a balmy sigh,
kiss the shadow of your face.
You seek wounds deep inside me,
grace them with your gentle smile.

I see tumultuous gales I fought
were born of my own torment.
Reconciliation blooms in me.
We become
poetry seen, touched, felt.

Love, Jody