Under The Lilacs

Itís trivial that we played doctor
concealed in the bushes, except to me.
It wasnít about sex or lust. It was more
about innocence and that between us
there was trust.

I slither on my stomach under
the canopy of blossom ladened branches
as they weave dreams in the breeze
above me, fragrant with purple scents
from my childhood.

I remember the play of light
and shadow as the sun sprinkled us,
dazzled the beaded sweat on our shiny faces,
as damp perspiration pooled
in our armpits.

Flushed with sunshine and the
delicious sin of shame, we explored each
otherís bodies while honey bees buzzed
overhead. Hot winds whisper as I hug
warm earth and want you still.

Love, Jody