Vernal Equinox

Wearing desire that ripples
around me like soft silk,
I stand by the darkening pond
as evening slides into night.

Something hot and smoky
flares to life in your brown eyes.
They speak of a thing
tempting and dangerous.

I feel warmth climbing from
my cheeks to my hairline.
Heat sears through me sparking need
that threatens my composure.

I just want to be held
in your arms, I whisper.
The words come out of
my mouth without warning.

They hang there between us,
loud and obvious.
You draw me closer. Need spirals.
Sparks leap, feverish, all-consuming embers.

Aching is a pleasant change
from feeling nothing,
but we should turn down the heat
before we need to put out a fire.

We avoid temptation for the moment.
That doesnt mean Im not
mindlessly tortured by it,
but freedom comes with a price.

Love, Jody